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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a popular choice of window covering for their versatility and ease of use, offering a large selection of styles, colours and patterns. These can be finished with a straight bottom with an enclosed weighted bar or a shape can be chosen from our sample books. Our blinds can be chain or spring operated and there are a selection of chain colours to choose from. We offer standard fabrics the filter the light instead of making the room dark or blackout fabrics that will make the room completely dark. Roller blinds are also available in water proof fabrics for use in bathrooms or shower rooms. We can also offer sheers roller blinds or privacy blinds which do not affect the light entering a room but reduce glare and add privacy. Sheer blinds are often used as an alternative to net curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because all of our blinds are bespoke this means the price is too! We are happy to provide you with a free quote from your own measurements, then if you are happy with the price we will come out and take our own measurements before ordering.

Blinds are usually supplied and fitted in 7-14 days (currently 14-21 days during covid-19)

Yes we offer 2 years guarantee with all of our blinds.

It would probably be easier to say what colours we don’t have! Wooden blinds in over 30 colours, Roller blinds in over 60 different plain colours and numerous patterns and textures, vertical blinds in over 60 different plain colours and numerous patterns and textures.

We are happy to quote from customers own measurements but when it comes to ordering we prefer to come and check the measurements ourselves. But if this isn’t possible we happy to use your measurements if you sign a waiver to say that you take responsibility for the measurements being accurate.

Of course, we are very careful and tidy but sometimes accidents do happen but stay assured that we are fully insured and anything we damage will be fixed or replaced either at our expense or by our insurance.


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